Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd (REC) work closely with their Green Fund partner to facilitate fully funded commercial solar installations with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - without any capital investment for the business.

We also collaborate with specialist Renewable Energy Generators (Wind, Solar, Hydro, and Anaerobic Digestion) so that you can benefit from direct, fixed low-rate green energy - without any hidden costs.

This innovative approach is a game-changer and gives us a significant edge in a constantly evolving market.


Energy Transfer

Peer to Peer

Switch to our renewable energy partners and benefit from a Transparent and Unique Green Energy Market.

Enjoy low-cost, fixed-rate 100% Renewable Green Energy without any capital costs.

Not only will you significantly reduce your electricity bills with fixed contracts for up to 5 years, but you will also demonstrate the energy source (no greenwashing), reduce your carbon footprint, and help meet Net Zero targets.

If you already have solar installed, you can create an additional income stream by selling your excess energy to us instead of giving it back to the grid for nothing.


Embracing Environmental Benefits 

Installing commercial solar panels offer a reliable and impactful solution for businesses seeking to reduce their climate footprint, making them an essential component of any forward-thinking sustainability strategy. For corporations and businesses with power-intensive facilities like manufacturing companies, the potential to curtail carbon emissions is particularly significant.


Beyond their environmental impact, commercial solar panels serve as powerful symbols of your commitment to environmental responsibility. They proudly showcase your dedication to sustainability, positioning your business ahead of competitors in today's climate-conscious society.


Commercial Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimization refers to the practice of managing voltage levels in order to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. This is achieved by adjusting and controlling voltage levels on a user’s site. Voltage optimization utilizes transformer-based technology, with the principle being to supply a voltage level that is more suitable for the actual electrical device. This allows the device to perform its task more efficiently and within the limits of European harmonized voltage. The basic design of voltage optimization involves a low-loss series-connected transformer that optimizes the entire site or individual loads, targeting the most energy-efficient loads. Compared to a whole site isolating transformer, voltage optimization offers a greater range of adjustment to achieve higher savings and is inherently more efficient with fewer losses. In simple terms, voltage optimization is a form of voltage management specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. According to basic electrical law, the power required by certain loads is proportional to the square of the voltage. Therefore, if the supply voltage exceeds the nominal harmonized 230V/400V, an electrical device may consume more energy than necessary.



CHP technology (Combined Heat & Power)operates by using a fuel source, usually natural gas, to produce electricity that can be used by the client through a mains cable, exported to the grid, or a combination of both. The CHP engine utilizes the heat generated from this process to generate hot water, which is then distributed through insulated district heating pipework to provide heating and hot water for the client's buildings. The hot water returns to the energy center to be reheated by the CHP. By simultaneously generating electricity and heat from a single fuel source, CHP is considerably more efficient than traditional power generation, resulting in less wasted energy. This solution has the potential to improve energy efficiency by 40-45%, assuming proper utilization of heat.


State Funded

Educational site

EV Chargers

This grant is available to state-funded schools and educational institutions for the purpose of installing electric vehicle chargepoint sockets at their premises. The cost of installations typically ranges from £1,500 to £2,500, depending on the location and type of installation. You can receive a 75% discount on the purchase and installation costs of charge points, with a maximum of £2,500 per socket and a total of 40 sockets across all sites, including any previous applications made through the Workplace Charging Scheme.

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