The Green Dream Team Saving the Planet!

Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd (REC) are not your average green consultants - we're the ultimate green gurus here to guide you towards Net Zero glory!

Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in saving the planet, so you know we're the real deal.

Hop on board the Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP) train and enjoy FREE sustainability support for your business - it's like a green party on wheels!

We're not just consultants, we're matchmakers - connecting you with renewable energy sources and green funding like a boss!

Say goodbye to high energy bills, hello to a smaller carbon footprint, and get ready to flex your social values muscles like never before.

Together, we'll kick carbon's butt and reach Net Zero faster than you can say 'solar power'!

They are ready to rock the green revolution? Let's do this!

Meet Our Team

Passionate professionals dedicated to helping businesses reduce carbon emissions 

team member

Joel Tetlow

Sales Director 

team member

Graham Stuart

Managing Director

Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd

Let's work together to build a greener world

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