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Understanding the process and the solutions we can provide


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Free Fully Funded Solar Process

What is your business and it's energy usage

The first stage of our process is to simply understand your business operation, its energy usage and its long term objectives.

Where are you  located

If your business is eligible for a proposal from our team, the next step is to evaluate your location, including its usability, restrictions, operating hours, and available space. Our consultants will also inquire about your roof or space, specifically its construction and condition.

What Sustainable technologies are available 

Once your operation and space are understood, our consultants will be able to propose a variety of renewable technologies and sustainability services based on your objectives.


Your Solutions explained

Our team of professionals will dedicate themselves to explaining the advantages of our power purchase agreements, allowing you to obtain environmentally friendly technology without any upfront costs.

Documentation requests

After departing from your site, our consultants will kindly request a few essential documents related to the discussed solution. Typically, this will involve energy bills and Half Hourly Data (HHD). These records enable our team to generate precise savings and emissions figures specific to your operations.

Proposal and second visit

Once a solution is determined, our consultants will gladly return to your location and assist you in understanding our proposal. Elaborating on any data, analysis of savings, and applicable costs, while discussing the necessary steps to advance with your preferred renewable technology.


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